Monday, July 20, 2009

Current Quilting Projects

I finished two quilts last week. The first was a baby gift for our new nephew.
I realized halfway thru piecing that all my blue and white four patches were turned 90 degrees. But there was no way in heck I was going to rip all those seams and re do it. I don't think the baby will notice. The scrappy border was fun to make.
The second is a quilt for my youngest. This was a block of the month at my guild, and I actually sat down and made a bunch of them at the same time. This is the first quilt I quilted on a longarm sewing machine. It was a good first quilt for that, since I practiced making a different design in each jar, and in each lid. This week, I'm trying to finish another baby quilt. It is made of Maverick Stars from Bonnie Hunter's website. She gives excellent directions. (Before you click on that link, think twice....I promise you will spend hours there. Don't say I didn't warn you.) These are so great for using up scraps, especially 2.5 inch squares, and smallish triangles.
Aren't they cute? They are so fun to make. I get very bored making the same block over and over. These are each different, even though they are made the same way.

I think I will put sashing between each blocks, to space them out a bit. Give they eye a place to rest. There's a lot going on in this quilt.

I saw Bonnie Hunter speak at my guild meeting last year. She is amazing. I like her scrap system. She preaches that you pay the same amount of money per yard for those scraps, so use them up! I spent an entire week last year, about two hours per day, cutting my scraps into strips and squares. I used many of those squares in these stars.

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  1. Wow, Misty... these are beautiful.
    Blessings and magic.