Monday, November 28, 2011

Thing Two, the Self-Styled Scientific Genius

Thing Two just turned five. He is amazing. He just amazes me every day. He obviously has an engineering brain. He is very interested in robots, motors, gears and cogs, how things work. Oh, and alien motherships. But that is a blog entry for another day. Thing Two loves designing and building machines.
He adores legos, k'nex, build and play erector sets, superstructs, and marble race.
His drawings are...amazing. He demonstrates such great fine motor skill and such patience for a barely five year old. I want to wear all of his drawings across my chest everyday so I can brag about them.
Yes,this is a UFO. Again, I must explore this in more detail later.
This is a diagram for how to build a robot. The arrows show you how to assemble the parts. I just can't wait to see this kid grow up and show me what he can really do. Of course, I'm somewhat terrified since he already wants to do chemistry experiments every day and build motors in his room. I'm going to have to do a lot of studying to keep up with this one.