Friday, March 9, 2012

After Nevelson

Our artist for the last two weeks was Louise Nevelson. She called herself "the first recycler." She liked to walk the streets of New York City and pick up interesting things to include in her art. Last week, we built our assemblages. We grabbed a bunch of tiny objects gathered over the years on walks, tiny toys no longer wanted, lost keys, hardware, beads, anything small and interesting. We glued or hot glued the pieces into a shallow box. This week, we spray painted our assemblages. Nevelson painted each piece one color to unify all the little objects inside. The color makes the art all about shape and texture.
Thing One was very happy with his finished project.
Thing Two chose to make a robot sculpture that is not housed in a box.
One of things I love about our class is that the moms can also participate.
This is my personal attempt!