Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pre-History Week

We had another really laid back week this week. I feel extremely guilty because I didn't prepare workboxes, but we still did a lot of learnin' 'round here. I'm trying to get past that guilty feeling. It helps to blog because then I remember all the fun educational things we did all week!

We discussed more from Story of the World about nomads. We pretended to be nomads this week, and went around the neighborhood pretending to hunt for food. We also talked about how nomads would gather food. We gathered some figs off a neighbor's tree.

We made cave paintings.
This idea is from the Story of the World Activity Book. You crumple up a brown paper bag, then draw your painting in charcoal, then paint the image if desired with brown, beige and black paint.

Then we gathered some long sticks, and some "animal hide" (fabric out of mom's stash). We built a hut in the back yard.
We made clay pinch pots. We studied prehistoric mammals, like mastodons, mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. And a lot of other ones with names like platybeladon. Thing One reads this stuff for fun. That's my boy!

The boys "camped out" in the back yard. This was a private party, no parents allowed. Even daddy's storytime was rejected. Thing One took care of it and read to Thing Two instead.
You can imagine how long they actually lasted. There was no actual sleeping accomplished.
We read:
A Wooly Mammoth Journey by Miller
Choose Your Own Adventure: Indian Trail by Montgomery
Will's Mammoth by Putnam
Outside and Inside: Wooly Mammoths by Markle
The Mammoth Academy by Layton
The Legend of the Cranberry: A Paleo-Indian Tale by Greene
Wiley and Grampa #10: Jurassic Grampa by Scroggs

We watched:
Ice Age

We listened to:
Sunset of the Sabertooth by Mary Pope Osborne audiobook

Then, we did our usual, after-hours aimless learnin'. Thing One found a new pet, a tomato hornworm. He has cared for it very gently, feeding it fresh leaves at least twice per day.
Thing One loves to draw. Today, he tried to draw the United States from memory.

See you next week for Plants and Seeds!

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