Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Sweet Homeschool

I'm making a little quilted wall hanging for our front door. Ever since I heard that some homeschooling families get turned into Child Protective Services occasionally by their neighbors because they think they kids are truant, I have been on a mission to tell all my neighbors we're homeschoolers. I want a sign so that even the mailman, UPS guys, etc know I'm not a neglectful parent even though my dirty kids are running around shoeless in the front yard on a school day.

I need some help, though. I need to decide exactly what words to put on my quilt.

Home Sweet Home School?

Home is Where the School Is?

Homeschoolers Live Here

Homeschooling Family

Cole Family Homeschool

What's your vote?


  1. I'd go simple - "Homeschooling Family".

  2. I vote Homeschooling Family
    even though I think some sort of quote about parents being the primary educators of their children would be way more awesome...
    I think if your goal is to specifically tell people you are homeschooling, you need to use that term.
    and i love your house quilt.

  3. I like "Home Sweet Home School." It goes with the feel of the quilt, which is very homey, and "Home Sweet Home" is one of those homey sayings that go well with country-style decorations. It's a nice play on that old saying.

  4. I like Home Sweet Home School. But if it were me, I'd make it "Homeschool" - one word/no space.

  5. Also, you might want to think about joining HSLDA, if you haven't already.