Monday, December 30, 2013

We have a Reader!

My older son, aka Thing One, was a very early reader (before age 5). He has always been a voracious and strong reader.  I never had to teach him to read, nor persuade him to read for pleasure, he just did!

Now, Thing Two just turned seven. He has been a much more reluctant reader. I shouldn't say reluctant, he was just not interested! He's my spatial learner, and he's always been too busy building and making to want to read.

In the past year, he has finally broken the reading code! Only in the past month, he has started expressing interest in independent reading, and joy in reading for pleasure. He's sitting down on his own with chapter books and feels so proud of himself!

It has been so hard for me (and for my husband) to not push Thing Two about learning to read. I have tried to be encouraging without being pushy, and I feel so proud of all of us!

Interestingly, his interest in independent writing has developed along with this new interest in reading. He writes stories on the word processor, or in his sketchbook!  I just love seeing him explore his new skills.

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