Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gymnastics Class

I was too excited to recently find a gymnastics class for homeschoolers offered by my county. Classes for both age groups meet at the same time and place!

The things have really taken to it. The teachers are strict but encouraging (perfect, in my book).

The younger age group mostly does obstacle courses involving somersaults, handstands against a wall, jumping and balancing.

The older class is working on series of movements, like running, jumping from a springboard onto a tall block, landing in a squat, and doing a forward roll down an incline.

Thing Two is excited to learn how to do a handstand (with help), and has been inspired to try to learn to do cartwheels at home.

I get to chat with and network with homeschool moms while they are in class (or read or sew), and I even did a cartwheel one day to help him. Gym class is good for all of us!


  1. That is awesome! My kids are at the point where their interests are diverging. The one who is not as good at dance LOVES IT and wants to do nothing else. The one who is exceptionally good at it wants do either ice skating or gymnastics next year. Or both if I will let her. Then of course I have the 2yo and will have the new baby. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with them all!

  2. I think about you alot there, S. One mom has two kids in the class, and one preschooler and one toddler to chase during class.