Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thing One picked "fruit" for his theme for next week. Any clever ideas?


  1. Make fruit salad. Okay, that wasn't clever. You could discuss where different fruits commonly come from in the world. That would be a good geography lesson. You could have a world map and affix pictures of fruit to their origins: bananas from Central America, mangoes from India, pineapples from Hawaii, etc.

  2. First, this would have made a more effective Facebook post. ;) People (translation: Kristy ;)) read fb everyday and blogs a couple of times a week.


    1. Use different fruits (blueberries, crushed cherries, tomatoes) as dyes (albiet temporary ones) for clothe and discuss how people used to do that to color clothing. (This is one of those things that you can do successfully, but I couldn't.) Great history lesson and science and age appropriate!

    2. Do blind taste tests of different fruits. Feel them, smell them, listen to them chunked against something, taste them, and, then, after he guesses what fruit it is, look at them. Discuss the five senses and how we use all five to explore our environment. You might also buy some baby food fruits and taste and smell them to show that even without sight, you can tell which fruit is which.

    3. Learn the juggle. Stand against a wall and juggle one fruit, then two, then three. Use the wall to keep the fruit from getting away from you. When the fruits fall, discuss gravity (Ander calls gravity "the superpower" of the earth) and when he throws them up, discuss force and how it overcomes gravity. great physics/science lesson! And fun! Just stick to fruits like lemons. Juggling ripe tomatoes is, well, a bad idea. :)


  3. Signing Time covers the signs for different fruits and vegetables. Vol 6, My Favorite Things.